Penrose The Bear

Who is Penrose?
He is 3 teddy bear high, 6 teddy bear years old (= 10 human years), he was born 15th October 2001 in the village of Gerrans in Cornwall. He lived with his mummy and daddy bear (he has no brothers and sisters but lots of cousins instead) until his parents suggested he went to live in Scotland with Sarah Jane. He now lives in Honeycomb Lane, Bearside in Edinburgh with Sarah Jane, Lucy the Heffalump, Susie Panda, Jeffrey the Bear, Lucy and Tony Tiger, Holly the Pink bear, Sweetie the Lamb, Lucky, Amber and Spot Puppy and little Tinsey.(this is only a few of the animals there are more!)

He is normally dressed in black, green, blue with an orange strip Cornish tartan with a black bow tie. He also wears a red, white, blue and green striped jersey with pale blue hand knitted blue mittens with dark blue bobble hat and red scarf with yellow tassels when it gets cold! He has a pair of green and blue shoes and 2 pairs of Christmas socks that have Christmas puddings and reindeer on them.

He does like his food so has a bit of a tummy on him as his favourite snacks are honey favoured crisps and peanut butter sandwiches! He also toddles everywhere as slightly overweight.

He is a very thoughtful bear and helps Sarah Jane look after the other members of the family including the smaller bears and Tinsey (the small tiger cub who comes to live with them). He thinks a lot so likes looking at picture books and asking questions. He can read but prefers asking questions to finding out himself or he can work things out. He does like adventures stories like Harry Potter and Tintin.

He likes doing things like painting or colouring in or helping other people e.g. going on the Black Diamond Radio (he knows how to use the phone to ask politely for a special request or several!) or helping out together a surprise party. He loves music but can’t sing (well not really in tune!) or helping with the shopping.

He loves cuddles both giving and receiving them. He is very caring but not to the point of annoying. as he does gets into trouble from time to time but understands why he gets punished for it.

He is NOT: Paddington, Winnie the Pooh or Rupert. He is a very unique bear and has a way at looking at the world from a bear’s point of view-not easy when you’re only 3 teddy bear high.

In Summary he is