Andrew Roper's Superhero Secret Origins: The Movies, Review

Andrew Roper


Laughing Horse @ Bar 50 (Venue 151)| Aug 12-­28 |20:30| £Free

Do you love superheroes and consider yourself a bit of a geek? Well, if so, this show is for you. Come along to this hour-long presentation to find out how Superman ended up lifting weights for Darth Vader, the six degrees of separation theory from Robert Downey Junior and the main causes of NERD Rage?

Taking you on a tour of the superhero world, Roper makes you question the things that you thought you knew. The show covers not only the origins of the original superheroes but also touching on the amazing similarities between certain characters and the rivalry in the comic industry between Marvel and DC, complete with funny anecdotes.

There is no denying that Andrew Roper knows his stuff.  This carefully researched show is presented in a hilarious fashion complete with multimedia movie clips and sound bites.  Charting the course of superheroes and their movie debuts from Captain Marvel to Wonder Woman, this show is funny and informative with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. Alongside his 20 years’ experience as a comedian Roper’s genuine enthusiasm for the subject shines through causing you to get swept up in the world of superheroes, Marvel and DC.