Camille O'Sullivan: Where Are We Now? Review

Camille O'Sullivan


Underbelly:The Beauty (Circus Hub) | Aug 4-­26 |19:45| £18 – 21

A long standing staple at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Camille is back with a brand new show, “Where are we now?” Questioning the current distressed state of the world, governments and societies through her exquisitely sung reinterpretations of classic Cohen, Bowie and Nice Cave songs, Camille commands a sense of ownership of the stage.

Her darkened entrance draped in a red cloak, conjures up images of a mystical storyteller about to impart a dreaded tale on the audience. As always with her performances Camille conveys the impression of artistic chaos on stage. However don’t be fooled, this is a carefully structured performance with every word, note and sound bite piecing together a story, weaving a tapestry making you question the state of the world and “Where are we now?”

From her references to the current state of US politics and Donald Trump’s billions and billions to her bleak, stark reinterpretation of Cohen’s “The Future”, Camille’s performance underlines the profoundness of the lyrics “I have seen the future, brother: it is murder”. Reflecting back on the World’s current demise, combining this with a powerful song from Cohen’s final album, “You want it darker” emphasising the uncertainty of the World we live in.

Camille fearlessly tackles well known songs by Bowie and Cohen in the wake of their deaths, completely owning her individual interpretations with passion, which includes a worthy tribute of “Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide” sung with palatable feeling.  

Camille totally immerses the audience in the world she creates on stage through the power of song. Ably supported by her band and combined with the clever use of stage lighting, adding atmosphere and gravitas, this show delivers a spellbinding memorable performance. Glittering with hidden gems Camille entrances the audience like a masterful storyteller leaving you hanging on her every note.

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