Chef: Come Dine with us! Review

Chef:Come Dine With Us!


Assembly George Square (Venue 8)| Aug 4-­29| 16:00| £10.50-£12.50

This exuberant production is set in the style of Cooking TV game show. With larger than life characters and plenty of audience participation, the show is a fun filled hour of craziness.

The competitive rivalry between Green and Red Chef is clearly highlighted in the opening number as their outlandish attempts to outdo each other get bigger and more extravagant to win over the ‘beautiful girl’ selected from the audience.

Other Chefs with cliché characters are introduced with huge fanfare to amazing array of beatboxing skills, before the competition kicks off in the style of Ready Steady Cook. Green and Red Chef battle it out to be chosen by the audience to cook the next rounds selected cuisine. The food is then prepared by the team of assistant chefs who keep the comic action going with their ingredient preparation. Including a giant noodle pillow fight with the audience. Then finally selecting a ‘lucky’ audience members to join in with the ‘tasting’ on stage.

Music is key to this production as English speaking is minimal. Instead beatboxing sound effects and comedic slapstick is used to great effect to carry the show forward. The show incorporates fantastic choreography executed with split second timing and skilful break dancing, making this a visual spectacle that keeps you guessing as to what is going to happening next.

The overall experience is elevated due to the fantastic costumes and the clever use of lighting, making the audience feel they are part of the crowd at the filming of an elaborate TV game show.

This performance is a high energy production that cleverly showcases the talents of the South Korean performers to great effect. With something for all the family to enjoy, this hour of fun filled crazy madness will have you leaving smiling.

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