EIFF: Kids In Love

‘Kids In Love’ follows Londoner, Jack (Will Poulter) who, after just finishing his A Levels is preparing for university and his planned (by his parents) future. All those plans fade when he meets Evelyn (Alma Jodorowsky) by chance while raising money for his gap year. 
Jack (and you as the viewer) are quickly sucked into Evelyn’s carefree world of partying, drinking, and pontificating as he falls head over heels for his new found love and is initiated into her bohemian friend group.
For a while you are on the same page as Jack as he struggles to understand how this group somehow manage to sustain themselves drifting from party to festival to another party to a trendy bar and back to the party. However, once he throws his all in with the group you stop seeing his point of view and it becomes difficult to root for him as he throws away other friendships and takes bigger risks all in the name of lust rather than love. 
The film is well shot, although several of the scenes look like they have been lifted straight from a modeling catalogue. 
As much as I enjoyed the quirkiness of some of group (Preston Thompson’s Cassius) Sadly I didn't find many of the characters relatable or believable, but maybe one day I’ll bump into my own  Evelyn and they will all suddenly make sense. 

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