Enterprise, Review

Assembly George Square Studios | £10/9 | 13:35
Everyone who works in a large company will often imagine the the middle management and strategists and maybe wonder how they come up with the ideas they do and what they are up to on the management floor. Enterprise confirms our worst fears. 
Enterprise follows four colleagues Landry, Owens, Sanders, and Weaver. With their corporation on the brink of collapse, they have one desperate night to save their futures.
What initially starts as a series of disjointed quick fire business based sketches forms into a plot as our four jargon spouting schemers split into two rival teams to get their proposals before the company's chairman. 
The fast paced delivery and oddball characters make this into a great watch. Each of the characters have their moment to shine, well delivered monologues and little cut scenes punctuated with music and sound effects build up to a massive climax. 
A well written entertaining show. If you can take your lunch break late then get from behind your desk for an office outing to Studio 2.