The FAT BLOKE Reviews: The Sixteen


Seen Aug 11th - VG, apart from the truly dreadful Poulenc: Figure Humaine; although this was written during the Occupation in '43, so I kind of "get it" it was still awful. Monotonic, repetitive, discordant, shouty (?) and overall rather assaulting on the ear, quite what it was doing in thie repetiore I have no idea as it was truly out of place.

Liked the Josquin; Agnus Dei from Missa L'homme arme, Sheppard; Libera Nos I & II and In manus tuas Domine III and Taverner; Sanctus from Mass O'Michael, excellent delivery and despite it being the Usher Hall, superb sound. 
I did notice the 16 had swelled to become 32 for this show? 

(Bradley loves Julie Cooper BTW). 

Not fussed on the Archangeli Michaelis plainsong; it felt uninspiring and rather dull ?

All in all, 3.5 out of 5

Off to the Hilliard Ensemble @ Greyfriars Kirk on the 14th, then post festival Almafire and the Kings Singers.

Full review on Black Diamond FM on the 17th when I'll announce review dates for the others