The Freckles Effect, Review

The Freckles Effect


Greenside, Nicolson Square (Venue 209)| Aug 6-­13| 17:40| £6.00-£10.00

The Freckles Effect is a fun family friendly musical set in the 1930s coastal town of Bigbury-on-Sea.

The central character Anne (Daisy Hickmore) holds her own during this performance, professionally carrying the show whether acting, singing or dancing. Keeping the viewer engaged and empathising with her as she faces the believable challenges of being “different” in an otherwise small conservative town.

The cast comprises of an exceptionally talented group of young actors who carry out the choreographed musical numbers with practised aplomb. Reaping the rewards of their preparation with not a single misspoken line or dance step out of place.

With several catchy original musical numbers including “The Trouble With Kids” and “Charisma” the chorus and soloists stay in tune throughout the show, keeping the audience engaged and show momentum moving forward.

Due to the age range of the cast some of the adult characters are less convincing in their mature roles, which at times effects the credibility of the performance.  However, the showcase of talent nevertheless makes this an entertaining performance to watch. With an array of ability including a great tap dancing routine from Mr Stacey (Marcus May), several accomplished ballet extracts from Helena (Lucy Hind) and notable solos from Mrs Rathbourn (Natalie Acheson) and W (Lara Lawman).

The original storyline conveys a feel good factor with a happy ending reminiscent of an Enid Blyton adventure. Whilst the central character is obviously inspired by L.M.Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables the plot takes you on a journey highlighting the importance of family and staying true to yourself.

The show is suitable for all age ranges and the quality of the performance, costumes and choreography makes The Freckles Effect an enjoyable evening at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

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