Hardeep Singh Kohli: Alternative, Fact, Review

Hardeep Singh Kohli


Assembly George Square Studios (Venue 17)​| Aug 4-­27 |17:15| £11|Restriction 16+

Hardeep Singh Kohli’s ‘Alternative Fact’ delves into the political issues of the day via the autobiographical account of his earlier years. He covers his political stance on hot topics such as Brexit, Scottish Independence, Sectarianism and Terrorism alongside jakeys, bhangra dancing and the fact that he is not Navid from Still Game.  The two intertwine well bringing a lighter aspect to the serious satire.

Hardeep delves into his reasoning behind his move to London and his eventual return home to Glasgow, whilst comedically pointing out many reasons why it is the superior city to its old rival Edinburgh. This move was closely entwined with the Scottish Independence referendum campaign, where Hardeep’s pro-independence views are clear. However, this is done with grace and open-minded engagement with the ‘no’ voters in the audience about the decision they both made in order to try and secure what they believed was the best future for Scotland.  

Hardeep feeds off the rapport he builds with his audience. Serving up thought provoking questions that make you contemplate the political decisions of the era, translating his Scottish colloquialisms and humour to great aplomb for the English audience members.    

Hardeep holds command of the room throughout his show and, for the most, part the relationship between politics and comedy stays the right side of the line. Only a few times does it deviate where the audience found it harder to establish whether he was being serious or joking and he had to emphasise his comedic satire.

Hardeep navigates through the subjects explaining the rationale behind his opinions. Whilst this show isn’t constant laughs it is eloquent and engaging to a receptive audience. Hardeep sums up with the thought provoking point that we used to laugh at our comedians and listen to our politicians, now we laugh at our politicians and listen to our comedians.