Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Review


Greenside, Royal Terrace (Venue 231)| Aug 7-­29| 22:10| £8.00-£12.00

There is no mistaking the arrival of Hedwig and her band the Angry Inch in Edinburgh. Jake Benson commands the stage as Hedwig in this gender-bending performance. Realistically falling apart on stage as Hedwig’s life unravels.

The venue provides the perfect intimate setting for Hedwig’s autobiographical concert. Small and compact it transports you instantly to the diners and dives that Hedwig performs in, chasing Tommy Genosis on his international fame seeking tour.

No member of the audience is safe from Hedwig’s up close and personal performance. So don’t be surprised if you’re singled out for some special attention. Updated to include references to Grindr and Frozen the show is full of smutty jokes and funny gags.

However, sometimes Hedwig is drowned out by her band. Unfortunately this detracts from some of the more powerful music numbers as your ears are filled with the sound of drums and guitar rather than lyrics. Benson’s pacing can also lag at times.

Nevertheless this is a passionate performance with great stage presence. Building to a climax as Hedwig breaks down on stage.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch performing at Greenside, Royal Terrace (Venue 231) between the 7th-29th August not 16th 23rd At 22:10 Contains strobe lighting Recommended age 18+ Find out more and get tickets here.