I'm Missing You, Review

I'm Missing You


Greenside, Infirmary Street (Venue 236)| Aug 5-­27 not 21st| 20:50| £9.50-£11.00

What do you do when your child disappears without a trace? I’m Missing You follows the story of Sam a devoted father who’s life falls apart in his search for his missing son.

Fired from his job, casting aside his friends and his relationship with his wife and daughter crumbling under the strain, Sam’s search turns into an obsession, losing sight of all else other than finding his son. As his old life becomes a distant memory Sam takes to haunting the location of his sons last know sighting, St Jude’s Tube Station. Decades pass and Sam’s life doesn’t move forward, not able to let go, spending every day at the tube station busking waiting for his sons return. Whilst waiting Sam encounters people that highlight that life is for living, bringing into stark contrast that whilst Sam still has his physical heath and his memories, he too is lost.

Codge Crawford skilfully portrays Sam deterioration over the years with great feeling. Helen Fox also adeptly depicts the emotional turmoil of his wife as she struggles with not only the loss of her son, but the estrangement of her husband, whilst she tries to carry on for the sake of their daughter. Mention must also go to Ellie Stevens for her convincing delivery of a harried and stressed social worker.

However, the multi-rolling of minor characters by the cast lead to some initial confusion when combined with a time hop as to whether they were still in portraying their lead or supporting roles. The change in costumes not being enough to adequately differentiate, thus confusing the narrative of the performance. 

Nonetheless I’m Missing You is a thought-provoking drama that has scenes of real heartfelt emotion emphasising not to judge people by appearances as everyone has a story.

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