Jarred Christmas: Remarkably Average, Review

Gilded Balloon, Teviot | £11\10 | 20:00 
Have you ever been tempted to take a home dna test? Find out your biological make up? Jarred Christmas has, and what he discovered surprised him. He’s Remarkably Average. His results have lead him to question his own backstory and the way he views himself. 
He takes the audience through the results of the test while bouncing ideas off them and regaling with stories from the past. All of this is punctuated with Jarred’s top facts learned from podcasts, with the audience primed to whoop cheer as each one is introduced.
Jarred is at home on the stage interacting with the audience, making even the dull people in the room interesting to hear from. The whole show ends up building an unexpected tension and hush as he reads the final chapter of his results ‘hereditary diseases’ That tension is broken in a way with a climax to the show that will be etched into my head for a while.