Jonny Lennard: Tale Blazer, Review


Assembly George Square Studios (Venue 17) | 17:20 |  £11 |

Billed as a new and exciting act to see at this years Fringe, Jonny Lennard takes to the stage in his guise as a children’s author. Updating fairy tales and stories to be more realistic and truthful. 

All of these tales are wrapped around him babysitting his young niece who just really wants a normal bedtime story. 

There are some fantastically crafted jokes and anecdotes about his own childhood, along with a rather funny (even if slightly random) audience interaction. 

His observations about hipsters and modern kids are what plays best with the audience, along with some self deprecating humour. 

The children’s stories themselves seem to distract from his true personality and wit.

Jonny Lennard is relatively new to the Edinburgh Fringe but showing tons of potential. Hopefully with this months worth of shows under his belt he will be back again more polished and showing his true character.

Jonny Lennard is performing from Aug 16-25 at the Assembly George Square Studios, for more information and tickets click HERE.