Lucy Frederick Positively Livid, Review

Cabaret Voltaire  ​ | Aug 5-28 | 15:15 | £ FREE
I’ve been reviewing Edinburgh Fringe Shows for a few years now and every year I have managed to find a gem of a show and this year it’s Lucy Fredrick Positively Livid at Cabaret Voltaire in Blair Street.
Lucy’s show is about anger or more to the point things that make Lucy angry and with a tag-line like “What’s wrong with being angry anyway” I was looking forward to a good old ranting session but what followed was an hour of well-crafted soul bearing stories that had me nodding and laughing in appreciation because a lot of the things Lucy said was spot on and truthful.
Now I’m not going to spoil it by telling you all the details because I’d rather you went watched and listened yourself and I pretty much guarantee that if you have suffered a loss of someone close you will as I did nod along and agree at some of the things being said.
What I did find very brave was Lucy’s approach to the subject of a family member dying from Cancer, the aftermath and the subsequent funeral and I applaud her for doing so and it was done in a way that was not morbid or put a “downer” on the show but actually had people laughing at a lot of what was being said very few comedians can do this subject without killing the show stone dead (pardon the phrase) but Lucy’s delivery was very good.
A thoroughly enjoyable hour of comedy and deserving of a larger room and indeed a larger audience although the room was full I’m sure many more would have joined in.
It’s been stated that Lucy Fredrick is ”Like catching up with a best friend” and I agree as it felt like we were sitting having a drink, a bite to eat and a chat that’s how personal it all felt and I loved every minute of it.
Lucy Frederick Positively Livid runs until the 28th August (except 15th) at 2.15pm Cabaret Voltaire Blair Street Edinburgh and I may just pop in to see the show again, from me the show gets a well-deserved 5 Stars for one of the funniest angry shows I’ve seen.