Mark Forward Wins All The Awards, Review

Gilded Balloon, Dining Room | £11.50/10.50 | 20:15
You have to be very confident in your work to preempt your plaudits, printing ‘Wins All The Awards’ over your Fringe poster. Thankfully for Mark Forward he doesn’t under deliver. I stepped into Marks show unsure of what to expect, the fact that the audience was peppered with other Fringe performers was a good sign. 
After a quick phone call and unpacking his rucksack the initially calm performance descends into chaos orchestrated by the man himself, what follows is one of the most absurd shows I’ve seen featuring death, bees, puppets, bears in heaven and a cow achieving escape velocity. Marks show is hard to describe without giving too much away but a section about Bonnie Tyler's Holding Out For A Hero turns from funny to awkward to really awkward to hilarious within its five minute run time. 
Mark appears to have as much fun performing this show as the audience do watching it and feeds off their energy, he uses every square of the Dining Room as he parades around the perimeter monologuing and commenting on how the night's entertainment is going, leaving the audience on edge wondering where he’s going to pop up next.
Mark might not win all the awards this year but he definitely deserves at least one! 
You can catch Mark in the Gilded Balloon, Teviot at 20:15. Tickets from
Photo credit: ScottMcLean

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