Mid-Brow Comedy, Review

Gilded Balloon, Counting House | £5.00/FREE | 19:30
Mid-Brow return to the Fringe with their highly anticipated new show. The London based sketch duo perform aided by a small selection of props and some rather nifty visuals on a screen behind them.
Highlights include a series of recurring sketches featuring a bumbling airline pilot, a flawed fortress, along with a great newsreaders on a night out routine. However the main build up of behind the scenes sketches doesn't pay off. 
I feel guilty for giving Mid Brow 3 stars. However, they were severely let down by the venue. The size of performance space they had plus the noise bleed from the bar next door was really distracting. You could tell when watching that they had rehearsed for a larger stage than they had and it leaves you feeling as if you haven't seen them at their best.
This duo show so much promise and will hopefully be back again with a polished faster paced show. 
You can see Mid-Brow at the Gilded Balloon, Counting House at 19:30 for free or £5 if you want to guarentee a ticket from edfringe.com