Miss Behave's Gameshow, Review

Assembly Checkpoint | Aug 11-29| 22:15 | £ 12/15
As you walk in to Assembly Checkpoint you are greeted by your host for the evening Miss Behave clad head to toe in sequins reflecting the stage lights around the room like a human glitterball. Her first job of the night is  separating the room into two teams. How are you assigned your team? By mobile phone type of course! Half the room is dedicated to iPhone users and the other is filled by everyone else. What follows is a bizarre set of games and challenges, some relying on phones and others on the audience being quick off the mark and as loud as possible.
The games range from the simple (Dial My Number Quickest) to the bizarre (Porn I’ll Admit To) with the audience encouraged to be as rowdy and ridiculous as possible to win points for their side. Even if you turn up by yourself like I did you end up just as competitive shouting out answers and trying to steal points from your bitter rivals in the other side of the room. In between the challenges there are guest performances with the teams encouraged to cheer the loudest and get involved in the acts to win more points keeping the audience animated and excited throughout (even if slightly artificial)
I don’t envy Miss Behave or her assistant ‘Harriet’ in their job as crowd control as once the games commence ANYTHING could happen with some of the audience in a frenzy happy to bare all to win points for their team. 
If you and a gaggle of friends are looking for something different for your night at the Edinburgh Fringe drop into Assembly Checkpoint and prepare for your competitive side to break free at Miss Behave's Gameshow.
Miss Behave's Gameshow is on at Assembly Checkpoint Aug 11 - 29 (Not Sundays, Mondays) at 22:15 for details and tickets visit www.assemblyfestival.com (over 18s only)