My Leonard Cohen, Review

My Leonard Cohen


Assembly Hall (Venue 166)| Aug 4-­28 | 18:15| £13.00-£14.00

Stewart D’ Arrietta and his band perform their own interpretation and arrangements of the songs Leonard Cohen. Humorously providing interesting information between songs about Leonard Cohen’s life and the inspiration behind some of the classic numbers.

Kicking off the show with ‘Everybody Knows’ D’Arrietta’s voice draws the audience in eliciting whooping and clapping from the audience by songs end. Several classic Cohen songs are performed including Suzanne, I’m Your Man and So Long Marianne. The bands interpretation of ‘Dance me to the End of Love’ added a Jewish orthodox vibe to the tune prompting the audience to clap along in time. Whilst D’Arrietta’s rendition of ‘Bird on a Wire’ brought a soulful, gospel feel to this love ballad with his gravelly tone conveying an aura of emotion.  

At times D’Arritta’s vocals were drown out by the enthusiastic performance of his band. However, this didn’t have a major effect on the audience’s enjoyment of the music. With several members taking it upon themselves to dance at the side of the stage by the end of the performance.

The show concluded with four verses of arguably Leonard Cohen most famous song ‘Hallelujah’. Providing a moving, powerful rendition of the song with excellent guitar riffs from the band, eliciting a standing ovation from the audience.

This show is a must for those who love the music of Leonard Cohen providing a very enjoyable evening’s entertainment.