Rose Matafeo is Finally Dead, Review

Pleasance Courtyard, The Attic  | £9/8.50 | 17:45
I've been to a few wakes in my life, but none like Rose Matafeo’s. This wasn't a real wake tho, just a practice run! 
Rose has been thinking a lot about her funeral recently, so much so that she has planned it in intricate detail. Not just the 90s R&B music, or the dress code but full blown dance routines.
When I entered to the downbeat organ music (being played live by Rose’s accomplice) and looked at the coffin on the table, I wasn't sure what to expect. However, the show is energised instantly when she rises from the dead and takes to the stage in her bejewelled jacket whipping the audience up into a party atmosphere.
The intimate size of the venue allows Rose easy access to the audience, bouncing off of everyone around her. 
You can catch Rose at The Pleasance (Attic) at 17:45 tickets from


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