Singsing Bathtub and Fernando the Space Elephant, Review

Singsing Bathtub and Fernando the Space Elephant


Assembly George Square (Venue 8)| Aug 4-­29| 12:15| £10.50-£12.50

Singsing Bathtub and Fernando the Space Elephant is an animated musical that follows the journey of Chan a boy who claims to be the world’s greatest astronaut.  

The highlight of this show is the use of projection mapping. Transforming the stage from a brightly coloured zoo, to a spectacular journey through outer-space with twinkly lights to visit weird and wonderful alien planets. This combined with brightly coloured eye catching costumes provides plenty of visual stimulus for young children keeping them engaged with the performance.

The productions follows the imaginative adventures of Chan and his childhood friend as they journey to outer-space in a bathtub to deliver a message from Fernando the baby elephant to his mother. Visiting several weird and wonderful planets along the way.

The plot at is times hard to follow with the moral message from each planet visit getting lost on several of the younger audience members. With the language barrier evidently contributing to this.

However, the energetically choreographed musical numbers plus inordinate amount of poop references kept children interested and actively participating in the production.

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