SOTW: KT Tunstall- Hard Girls

KT Tunstall

Black Diamond FM’s Single of the week ‘Hard Girls’ is from Scottish pop singer KT Tunstall’s 5th studio album ‘KIN’, released on the 9th of September.

In 2014 KT Tunstall felt she was done with music “As an artist I feel like I died,” she says. “I stopped. I gave up. I didn’t want to do it anymore.” Enrolling in Sundance Institute’s elite Film Composers Lab provided her with the turning point required to make a return to music. Finally making her peace with being a pop songwriter and resurfacing with her latest studio album KIN.

‘Hard Girls’ is the second single from the album following up ‘Maybe It’s a Good Thing’, providing an empowering up beat tune, completing KT Tunstall’s vision for the album of writing good, happy songs.

KT Tunstall is currently touring KIN across Europe, the UK, and North America. For more information on her music and tour dates check out her website