Australia calling and listening

An e-mail from Sidney

Gudday Ian

Just a quick email to say hi from me Jules, Sheila McDonald who's from Portobello and Janet Loftus from Ayre if you remember. Us girls are still tuned into your show here in the Harbourside Shopping Mall, Sydney, and enjoying the great music along with our customers who are browsing our shop. Have to say that the show just keeps getting better and better. We have quite a few ex pats come into the centre and sometimes there you give us quite a large audience who actually don't buy anything from us, but just come in to listen for 10 mins or so as it reminds them of good times when they were back in Midlothian. Certainly gives the mall security staff extra work as they come down to see what is happening!

Could you play us any KT Tunstall track for us as long as it is lively, as it ievening here in Sydney and need something lively to keep us going to closing time.

All the best

Jules Walker (ex Mayfield)

Look more Neighbours this time South Australia


I just heard the request from Jules I think it was in Sydney, and thought I would drop a quick email as I am in Adelaide, South Australia. I am Pat McIntyre and came over here 7 years ago with my husband Angus who is dentist and our 2 children, Ryan (14) and Megan (10). We used to live in Eskbank, Dalkeith and still miss our friends and family we left when we emigrated. I came across your site and have been adicted to your show ever since, as I makes me feel home is closer than it actually is. Great to keep upto date with whats going on in our old home town, and your show makes that possible , well done. Could you say a hello to all friends and family in Dalkeith and Bonnyrigg who may be listening.

Pat McIntyre