The Late Show >>> Dec 14th >>> The Anniversary Show

It's almost exactly one year to the day when The Late Show was first broadcast ...For every shows listing and more visit

To celebrate one year of The Late Show, I will play the Top Ten pieces that have featured over the last 12 months on the show for Classical, String Quartet Tribute To and Music From The Movies. All in all 30 pieces of music to play and that's never been achieved on The Late Show either ... oooh errr

Tonights playlist is ready but won't be posted until the show is under way

I shall not announce the pieces until after they are finished just to keep up the suspense ...

The Stats
Total Tracks Played 984
Total Composers Featured 221
Total Movie Tracks 71
Total Movie Composers 29
Total Movies Featured 41
Num Shows 48
Ave Played Per Show 22
Total Hours 144

Top 10 Composers Appeared
Beethoven 45 times
Bach 44
Handel 37
Schubert 32
Mozart 30
Vivaldi 30
Brahms 28
Tchaikovsky 27
Wagner 16
Chopin 15

Top 10 Tracks
St. Matthew Passion Erbarme Dich, Mein Gott - Bach 10th
Piano Concerto #2 adagio - Chopin 9th
Lauda Jerusalem - Vivaldi 8th
Adagio from Harp Concerto - Karl Ditters von Dittersdorf 7th
Sposa Son Disprezzata Cecilia Bartoli - Vivaldi 6th
Suite Bergamasque Clair De Lune - Debussy 5th
Piano Concerto #2, Larghetto - Shostakovich 4th
Piano Sonata #14, Moonlight, adagio - Beethoven 3rd
Enigma Variations, Nimrod - Elgar 2nd
Adagio in G - Albinoni 1st

Top 10 Movie Composers
Mark Isham 10th
Marco Beltrami 9th
Lisa Gerrard 8th
John Barry 7th
Philip Glass 6th
Alexandre Desplat 5th
John Williams 4th
Jocelyn Pook 3rd
Howard Shore 2nd
Hans Zimmer 1st

Top 10 Movie Tracks
Modigliani, My Reason, Keedie OST 10th
I Robot, end credits OST 9th
Crash, Flames OST 8th
Heat, Gloradin OST 7th
Last Samurai, Small Measure of Peace OST 6th
Merchant Of Venice, Song For Bassanio OST 5th
Two Towers, Evenstar OST 4th
Black Hawk Down, Main Theme OST 3rd
Gladiator, Am I Not Merciful OST 2nd
Batman Begins, Eptesicus OST 1st

Top 10 Movies Featured this does not follow the Top 10 Movie Tracks order because more than one track may have been played from the same movie over time whereas, a single movie track itself may have featured more often, ie Modigliani OST has only ever had 1 track played yet it comes in at number 8 on this list and number 10 on the list above

Heat 10th
I Robot 9th
Modigliani 8th
Last Samurai 7th
Crash 6th
Two Towers 5th
Merchant Of Venice 4th
Black Hawk Down 3rd
Gladiator 2nd
Batman Begins 1st

Top 10 String Quartet
AC/DC, Hells Bells - The String Quartet 10th
AC/DC, Back In Black - The String Quartet 9th
Nirvana , Come As You Are - The String Quartet 8th
U2 , Where The Streets Have No Name - The String Quartet 7th
Three Doors Down, Here Without You - The String Quartet 6th
Metallica , Enter Sandman - The String Quartet 5th
Evanescence, My Immortal - The String Quartet 4th
Aerosmith, I Don`t Want To Miss A Thing - The String Quartet 3rd
U2 , With or Without You - The String Quartet 2nd
Snow Patrol, Chasing Cars - The String Quartet 1st

And for all those insomniacs out there; here is the COMPLETE PLAYLIST OF EVERY PIECE EVER PLAYED

arranged by Composer (by request as it was not this way originally)

Abhijit Pohankar - Piya Bivari
Addinsel - Warsaw concerto
Albeniz - Asturias
Albinoni - Adagio in G
Albinoni - Agagio Sharon Isben (guitar)
Albinoni - Oboe Concerto in D
Alexandre Desplat - Girl With A Pearl Earring, Grief Remembers OST
Alexandre Desplat - Girl With A Pearl Earring, Master Is Painting OST
Alexandre Desplat - Girl With A Pearl Earring, Winter Nights OST
Alexandre Desplat - Syriana Piano Solo OST
Allegri - misere mei
Allesandro Safina - Diva Mea (from the album Insieme A Te)
Altan - The Waves of Gola
Anna Netrebko - Quando Men Vo
Anon - Romance for guitar, jeux interdicts
Anonymous - Remember Me My Dear Jan Garbarek & Hilliard Ensemble
Anonymous - She moves through the fair Andreas Scholl
Anonymous 4 - Gaudens in domino
Antonio Pinto - Collateral, Requiem OST
Arvo Part - Cantus in memoriam Benjamin Britten
Arvo Part - Sanctus from Misa Syllabica
Arvo Part - Speigel im Speigel
Bach - Air On A G String
Bach - Ave maria, Yondani Butt guitar
Bach - Brandenburg Concerto #1, Allegro
Bach - Brandenburg Concerto #6 in b flat BWV1051, adagio
Bach - Cantatas (Monteverdi Choir with John Eliot Gardner)
Bach - Concerto for 2 violins BWV1043 (Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment)
Bach - Concerto for 2 violins, Largo
Bach - Concerto for 3 Violins BWV1064, Adagio
Bach - English Suite #1b, Murray Perahia
Bach - Harpsichord concerto in F
Bach - Italian concerto, Allegro
Bach - Magnificat, Suscepit Israel
Bach - Mass in B minor, Crucifixus
Bach - Mass in B, Qui tollis pecatta mundi
Bach - Partita #1 BWV826
Bach - Partita #2 BWV826
Bach - Prelude from Suite #1
Bach - Sonata in E, Siciliene
Bach - St John Passion, Ihr heiligen gebein
Bach - St Matthew Passion Wir setzen und mit tranen
Bach - St Matthew Passion, Er barme dich
Bach - St. John Passion Ruht Wohl, Ihr Heiligen Gebeine
Bach - St. Matthew Passion Erbarme Dich, Mein Gott
Bach - Suite #3 5.5
Bach - Symphony #35 in D, "Haffner", andante
Bach - Symphony #35, the Haffner K385 largo
Bach - Tocatta in D (orch arr)
Bach - Toccatta & Fugue in D
Bach - Violin Concerto in D BWV1052 (in full)
Barbara Bonney - Schubert, Die Forrelle
Barbara Hendricks - Schubert 33 Lieder
Barber - Adagio for Strings
Barber - Agnus Dei Choir of Trinity College Cambridge
Barber - Violin concerto #2 Andante
Beethoven - Bagatelle In A Minor, "Für Elise"
Beethoven - Minuet
Beethoven - Ode To Joy
Beethoven - Ode to joy (extract)
Beethoven - Piano Concerto #1 allegro
Beethoven - Piano Concerto #1 in C Largo
Beethoven - Piano Concerto #3 andante
Beethoven - Piano Concerto #5, adagio
Beethoven - Piano Sonata #14, allegro
Beethoven - Piano Sonata #14, Moonlight, adagio
Beethoven - Piano Sonata #31 in A
Beethoven - Piano Sonata #8 Adagio
Beethoven - Romance in F for violin
Beethoven - Spring Sonata (Adagio)
Beethoven - String Quartet in F op18 #1, Adagio affettuoso
Beethoven - String Quartet in G, Op 18 #1, Adagio
Beethoven - String Quartet No.13 in B Flat, Adagio molto espressivo
Beethoven - Symphony #2, Larghetto
Beethoven - Symphony #3, Third movement
Beethoven - Symphony #4 (Berlin Philharmoniker Von Karajan)
Beethoven - Symphony #5 In C Minor, Op. 67 Allegro Con Brio
Beethoven - Symphony #6 2nd mvt
Beethoven - Symphony #7, Allegretto
Beethoven - Symphony #9, Ode To Joy
Beethoven - Violin Concerto in D Op61, Larghetto
Beethoven - Violin Sonata #10 (Gidon Kremer & Martha Argerich)
Beethoven Symphony #9 - complete
Bellini - Bianca et Fernando, Sorgi o padre et la figlia rimira
Bellini - Dolente Immagine Di Fille Mia Cecilia Bartoli
Bellini - Norma, Casta Diva
Bellini - Vaga luna che inargenti, Cecilia Bartoli mezzo soprano
Benedetto Marcello - Adagio from Oboe Concerto
Benjamin Britten - Lachrymae op48
Bidaola - Aritz adarean
Bizet - Carmen L'Amour Est Un Oiseau Rebelle (Habañera)
Bizet - Pearl Fishers, Au fond du temple saint
Bizet - Symphony in C major Adagio
Boccerini - Minuet
Boccherini - Guitar quintet in E 3.3
Boccherini - Quintet #7 in E for guitar and strings
Boccherini Guitar Quartet - Fur Elise
Borodin - On the steppes of central Asia
Borodin - Prince Igor, allegro
Borodin - String quartet #2 in D, andante
Borodin - String Quartet #2, Nocturne
Brahms - Clarinet Sonata in F, andante
Brahms - Ein Deutsches Requiem, Den Alles Fleisch
Brahms - Eine deutsches requiem sanctus
Brahms - Hungarian Dance #1
Brahms - Intermezzo op117, Andante
Brahms - Piano Concerto #1 in D Adagio
Brahms - Piano Concerto #2, 2nd mvt
Brahms - Serenade #1, adagio
Brahms - Sonata in F minor op34b by Katia & Mirielle Lebecque
Brahms - Symphony #1 in C, allegro
Brahms - Symphony #2, 2nd mvt, played for Bob
Brahms - Symphony #3, 3rd mvt
Brahms - Symphony #4 in E, Allegro
Brahms - Viloin Concerto in D Adagio
Brahms - Waltz In A Flat, Op. 39/15
Browne - Stabat Mater
Bruch - Violin Concerto in G minor
Bruckner - Symphony #1 in C 1st movement
Bruckner - Symphony #7 in E Adagio
Bruckner - Symphony #9, Adagio
Burgon - Brideshead Revisited
Burgon - Nunc Dimittis
Byrd - With lilies white 1.6
Caldara - Selve Amiche Barbara Hendricks
Campbell - Homus ombre, Opera Babes
Canteloube - Bailero
Canteloube - Songs of the Auvergne, La Delaissado
Carl Orff - Carmina Burana, O Fortuna
Carulli - Serenade in A, Op 96
Catalani - La Wally, Ebben ne andro lontana
Cecilia Bartoli - Bellini, per pieta
Cecilia Bartoli - Bellini, Vaga luna che inargenti
Cecilia Bartoli - Donizetti, Amore e morte
Cesti - Intorno all' idol mio, Cecilia Bartoli mezzo sprano
Charpentier - Marche de triomphe 4.4
Charpentier - Regina coeli 4.9 D
Charpentier - Te Deum, Pleni sunt coeli et terra
Chopin - Ballad #1 in G Op23, Murray Perahia
Chopin - Berceuse in D, Alfred Brendel
Chopin - Etude #3 In E, Op. 10/3
Chopin - Etude in E flat
Chopin - Nocturne #2 In E Flat, Op. 9/2
Chopin - Nocturne no.19 in e, Op.72 no.1
Chopin - Piano Concerto #2 adagio
Chopin - Piano concerto #2 Adagio
Chopin - Piano Concerto #2, adagio
Chopin - Piano Sonata in A, Funebre
Chopin - Waltz In D Flat, Op. 64/1, "Minute"
Christopher Tye - Agnus Dei From Mass: Euge Bone The Sixteen
Clarke - Trumpet Voluntary 1.2
Clerambault - Panis angelicus 4.10 D
Coll - Diferencias sobre las folias 3.13 D
Conductus - Gaudens in domino Anonymous 4
Cosma - Promenade sentimentale
Couperin - Messe propre 4.8
Dauvergne - Chaconne 4.6
Dave Heath - The Frontier
David Armstrong - The Quiet American OST
David Visan - Taste Of Joy (crossover)
De Visee - Suite in C 4.13 D
Debussy - Arabesque #1
Debussy - En Bateau (from petit suite)
Debussy - Preludes Book 1 La Fille Aux Cheveux De Lin
Debussy - Suite Bergamasque Clair De Lune
Delibes - Coppelia, intermezzo
Delibes - Lakme flower duet
Domenico Scaraltti - Sonata in C for Harpsichord
Donizetti - Amore e morte
Donizetti - La Donna E Mobile
Donizetti - Linda di Chamonix, overture
Dowland - Lachrymae 1.3 D
Du Buisson - Plainte sur la mort 4.14 D
Dukas - The Scorcers Apprentice
Dvorak - Humouresque in Gb major
Dvorak - New world symphony
Dvorak - Rusalka & ludmilla
Dvorak - String Serenade in E, Moderato
Dvořák - Symphony #9 In E Minor, Op. 95, "From The New World" Largo
Einaudi - Bella notte
Einaudi - Dietro casa
Einaudi - Le onde
Elena Ledda - Amargura, Sa Lughe
Elena Ledda - Procol Harum, Nights in white satin (from the album Amargura)
Elgar - Cello Concerto In E Minor 1. Adagio
Elgar - Chanson De Matin, Op. 15/2
Elgar - Enigma Variations, Nimrod
Elgar - In haven
Elgar - Pomp & Circumstance Marches 1 2 3 4
Emma Johnson - Inspector Morse theme
Ennio Morricone - C'era una volta il west
Farley - Modigliani, My Reason, Keedie OST
Faure - Cantique de jean racine
Faure - Requiem, In Paradisum
Faure - Requiem, Libera Mae
Faure - Requiem, Sanctus
Fibich - Poeme op 41 #6
Franck - Panis Angelicus
Franck - Piano quintet in F, allegro
Francoeur - Contredanse 4.3
Franz Liszt - Consolation #3 in D minor
Gabrieli - pianoforte sontata 2.11 D
Gershwin - Piano Concerto in F allegro
Gershwin - The man I love
Gilbert & Sullivan - HMS Pinafore, When I was a lad and & Capt of the Pinafore
Giordani - Caro Mio Ben Cecilia Bartoli
Giordano - Andrea Chenier, La mamma morta
Glass - Bowie/Eno Heroes (arr. Glass)
Glass - Candyman OST
Glass - Company
Glass - String Quartet #4 Kronos Quartet
Glass - The Hours OST
Glass - The Truman Show, Raising the sail OST
Glass - Violin Conc 2nd movement
Glinka - Ruslan and Ludmila Overture
Gluck - O del mio dolce ardor
Gorecki - Symphony #3 (Symphony of Sorrowful Songs), lento
Gorecki - Totus Tuus
Gounod - Fantasy in D
Gregorian Chant - Veni Sancte
Grieg - Elegaic melody
Grieg - Peer Gynt Suite #1, Ase's Death
Grieg - Piano Concerto in A op16 Adagio
Grieg - Piano Concerto in A, 1st mvt, allegro
Grieg - Solviegs song from Peer Gynt Suite #2
Hadyn - Variations for 2 pianos, Op 56
Handel - Care selve
Handel - Concerto Grosso in D Op6 #4
Handel - Concerto Grosso Op 3 #2 Largo
Handel - Crux fidelis
Handel - Dank Sei Dir, Aafje Heynis contralto
Handel - Dixit dominus
Handel - Dixit Dominus - De torrente in via
Handel - Dixit Dominus, Emma Kirkby
Handel - Harp Concerto in B Adagio
Handel - Largo from Xerxes
Handel - Messiah, Behold the lamb of God
Handel - Messiah, Comfort ye my people
Handel - Messiah, Gloria
Handel - Messiah, Hallelujah Chrous
Handel - Messiah, symphony
Handel - Ombra mai fu from Xerxes
Handel - Ombra mai fu from Xerxes (string version)
Handel - Sarabande, Barry Lyndon OST
Handel - Solomon, Arrival of the Queen of Sheba 1.11
Handel - Water music
Handel - Water Music, Overture
Handel - Zadok the Priest
Hans Zimmer - A Dark Knight, A Dark Knight OST
Hans Zimmer - Batman Begins, Antrozous OST
Hans Zimmer - Batman Begins, Artibeus OST
Hans Zimmer - Batman Begins, Corynorhinus OST
Hans Zimmer - Batman Begins, Eptesicus OST
Hans Zimmer - Batman Begins, Lasiurus OST
Hans Zimmer - Batman Begins, Macrotus OST
Hans Zimmer - Batman Begins, Main Theme OST
Hans Zimmer - Batman Begins, Molosus OST
Hans Zimmer - Batman Begins, Myotis OST
Hans Zimmer - Batman Begins, Nycteris OST
Hans Zimmer - Batman Begins, Tadarida OST
Hans Zimmer - Batman Begins,Vespertilio OST
Hans Zimmer - Black Hawk Down, Leave No Man Behind OST
Hans Zimmer - Black Hawk Down, Main Theme OST
Hans Zimmer - Black Hawk Down, Mogadishu Blues OST
Hans Zimmer - Black Hawk Down, Somali Song OST
Hans Zimmer - Black Hawk Down, Still OST
Hans Zimmer - Black Hawk Down, Vale of Plenty OST
Hans Zimmer - Gladiator, Am I Not Merciful OST
Hans Zimmer - Gladiator, Progeny OST
Hans Zimmer - Gladiator, Sorrow OST
Hans Zimmer - Gladiator,Earth OST
Hans Zimmer - Last Samurai, Small Measure of Peace OST
Hans Zimmer - The Last Samurai, Idyls End OST
Harold Budd - Music for 3 pianos, The Messenger
Haydn - Creation, The Heavens Are Telling
Haydn - Piano Concerto #1
Haydn - Piano Concerto in D 2nd mvt
Haydn - Serenade Op5, #3
Haydn - String Quartet in C Emperor, Adagio aka the German national anthem
Haydn - String Quartet in D 2nd movement The Lindsays
Haydn - String quartet in D Op20 #4, adagio affetuoso
Haydn - Symphony #45 in D, Adagio
Haydn - Symphony #94 in G "Surprise" adagio
Haydn - Symphony in D, Adagio, The Clock
Heitor Villa-Lobos - Prelude in e, guitar
Henry Mancini - Lawrence of Arabia OST
Hilliard Ensemble - In Paradisum, Offertorium
Hilliard Ensemble - In Paradisum, Tadet animam maem
Holst - Mars, The Bringer Of War
Humperdinck - Hansel & Gretel Eves Prayer
Il Divo - Ti Amero
Jacques Loussier - Toccata and Fugue in D minor
James Horner - Braveheart, Gift of a Thistle OST
James Newton Howard - I Am Legend, Main Theme OST
Jan Garbarek - O Salutaris Hostia
Janacek - String quartet #2, adagio
Jenkins - The Armed Man, A Mass For Peace, Benedictus
Jerry Goldsmith - Boys From Brazil OST
Jerry Goldsmith - Capricorn One OST
Jocelyn Pook - Merchant Of Venice, Bridal Ballad OST
Jocelyn Pook - Merchant Of Venice, Her Gentle Spirit OST
Jocelyn Pook - Merchant Of Venice, Song For Bassanio OST
Jocelyn Pook - Merchant Of Venice, With Wandering Steps OST
John Adams - Shaker Loops, Shaking & Trembling
John Barry - Dances With Wolves OST
John Barry - Gifts of Nature
John Jacob Niles - Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair Sharon Isbin (guitar) & Susan Mentzner (mezzo)
John Powell - Bourne Supremacy, Nach Deutschland OST
John Rutter - Reqiuem, Sanctus
John Tavener - Song for Athene
John Tavener - The Lamb
John Williams - Duel Of The Fates (The Phantom Menace) OST
John Williams - Star Wars, Emperors March (The Empire Strikes Back) OST
Karl Ditters von Dittersdorf - Adagio from Harp Concerto
Karl Jenkins - Benedictus
Karl Jenkins - The Armed Man, Agnus dei
Kashif - The Queen Symphony, 3rd mvt Adagio
Khachaturian - Spartacus Suite #2, Adagio
Korngold - Violin Concerto in D
Kreisler - Schon Rosmarin (orch arr)
Lassus - Fremuit spiritu jesus (BBC Singers)
Le Trio Joubran - Safar I
Le Trio Joubran - Safar III
Leoncavallo - Pagliacci, vesti la giubba
Libera - Voca me
Lisa Gerrard - Heat, Gloradin OST
Lisa Gerrard - Man On Fire, Main Theme OST
Liszt - La Campanela
Liszt - Liebeslod
Liszt - Liebestraum No. 3 in A flat
Liszt- Consolation #3
Locke - The Tempest, curtain tune
Lotti - Crucifixus 3.7
Ludwig August Lebrun - Oboe Concerto in C, Adagio
Lully - Marche des mousquetaires 4.2
Mahler - Lieder, Ich bin der welt abhanden gekommen
Mahler - Symphony #4 in G, In gemachlicher Bewegung
Mahler - Symphony #5 Adagietto
Mahler - Symphony #5 Adagietto extract
Mahler - Symphony #6 A minor
Mahler - Symphony #8, Heilige Anachoreten
Manuel de Falla - Millers Dance, John Williams guitar
Marais - Suite in C 4.16 D
Marcello - Oboe concerto in D 3.2 D
Marco Beltrami - I Robot, end credits OST
Marco Beltrami - I Robot, opening theme OST
Mark Isham - Crash, Flames OST
Mark Isham - Crash, No Such Thing As Monsters OST
Mark Isham - Crash, Really Good Cloak OST
Mascagni - Cavaleria Rusticana Intermezzo
McCartney - Standing Stone, Celebration
Mendelsshon - Symphony #5 Reformation, Andante
Mendelssohn - 3 songs from Im Grunen, Ruehtal (BBC Singers)
Mendelssohn - Rondo Capriccioso, (piano)
Mendelssohn - Symphony #4 in A Op90 "Italian", andante
Meyerbeer - Dinorah, Ombra leggiera Maria Callas
Michael Nyman - MGV
Michael Nyman - The Piano, The Heart Asks Pleasure First OST
Michail Glinka - Ruslan & Ludmilla
Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells
Monteverdi - Beatus vir 2.7 D
Monteverdi - Orfeo 2.5 D
Mozart - Adagio & Fugue in C minor, Takacs Quartet / Pauk
Mozart - Clarinet concerto in A K622, adagio
Mozart - Clarinet Concerto, Adagio
Mozart - Divertimento #15 in B, adagio
Mozart - Don Giovanni overture
Mozart - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Allegro
Mozart - Gran Partita, Adagio
Mozart - Haffner Serenade
Mozart - Marriage of Figaro, L'ho perduta, me meschina
Mozart - Mass in C, Kyrie
Mozart - Piano Concerto 21 Andante
Mozart - Piano Concerto in E Jeunehomme Andante
Mozart - Piano Sonata in A minor (extract) played by Alicia de la Rocca
Mozart - Piano Sonata in G K283, Andante
Mozart - Requiem, Lacrimosa
Mozart - Serenade #13 Eine Kliene Nacht Musik
Mozart - Sinfonia Concertante K364. Andante
Mozart - Sonata In C Minor, K. 457 - II. Adagio
Mozart - String quartet in B K589, larghetto
Mozart - Symphony #40 in G K550, Finale Allegro assai
Mozart - Symphony #41 in C K551 "Jupiter", andante
Mozart - Vesperae solennes de Confessore K399 Laudate Dominum
Mudarra - Pavane 3.15 D
Muffat - Chaconne in G
Mussorgsky - Pictures at an Exhibition Gate of Kiev
Mussorgsky - Sorochintsky Fair (violin)
Neilsen - Aladdin Suite, Oriental Festive March
Newman - Road to Perdition, road to Chicago OST
Nigel Hess - Calendar Girls, Fantasy for Violin & Orchestra OST
Nyman - The Piano, Scent of love OST
Nyman - Violin Concerto 2nd movement
Offenbach - Barcarolle
Ofra Harnoy - Vivaldi Concerto in B minor, Largo;
Ofra Harnoy - Vivaldi Concerto in C minor, Adagio
Ofra Harnoy - Vivaldi Concerto in D, Allegro;
Ofra Harnoy - Vivaldi Concerto in F, Larghetto
Orff - Carmina Burana, O Fortuna
Pachelbel - Canon in D
Paco De Luna - Azucar Moreno, (Flamenco)
Parry - Violin sonata in D 2nd movement
Part - Spiegel am speigel
Pergolesi - Stabat mater
Philidor - Marche de triomphe 4.1
Philip Glass - Candyman OST
Philip Glass - Facades
Philip Glass - Fog of War OST
Philip Glass - Metamorphosis 1
Philip Glass - Metamorphosis 5
Philip Glass - Violin Concerto, 2nd movement
Ponce - Estrelita
Prokofiev - Montagues & capulets
Prokofiev - Romeo & Juliet, Montagues & Capulets
Prokofiev - Violin Concerto #2 Scherzo
Puccini - Gianni Scicchi, O mio babino caro Helen Donath
Puccini - La Boheme, Mi chiamamo Mimi
Puccini - Madame Butterfly, Humming Chorus
Puccini - Madame Butterfly, O mio babbino caro
Puccini - Tosca, Vissi d'arte
Puccini - Turandot Nessun Dorma
Purcell - Abdelazar 1.4
Purcell - Chacony in G
Purcell - Didos lament
Purcell - Draw near, you lovers, Barbara Bonney, Michael George
Purcell - Thou Knowest Lord
Purcell - Thy hand Belinda - Dido (Susan Graham)
Purcell - When I Am Laid In Earth, Dido Susan Graham
Rachmaninov - Piano Concerto #2 Adagio
Rachmaninov - Paganini Rhapsody Var. 18
Rachmaninov - Piano Concerto #2 in C minor in full
Rachmaninov - Prelude #3 in G
Rachmaninov - Prelude #5 In G Minor
Rachmaninov - Prelude In C Sharp
Rachmaninov - Symphony #2 in C, Op27 adagio
Rachmaninov - Variation on a theme by Paganini (extract)
Rachmaninov - Vespers, ave maria
Rameau - Rondeau from Les Indes Galantes
Rameau - Tunc repletum 4.12
Ravel - Bolero
Ravel - Bolero (extract)
Rentaro Taki - Moon Over The Ruined Castle
Respighi - Ancient airs and dances
Rheinberger - Evening song
Rodrigo - Concerto de aranjuez
Rossini - Barber of Seville, largo al factotum
Rota - Godfather love theme OST
Rutter - Requiem Aeternum
Sacred Spirit - Haya hee
Saint Saens - Symphony #3 in C Op78 "Organ", poco adagio
Saint-Sans - The Swan, Yo Yo Ma
Saint-Sans - Violin Concerto #3 in B
Satie - Gnoissiennes #1
Satie - Gymnopedie #1
Satie - Gymnopedie #3
Scarlatti - Son tutta duolo from CD Se tu m'ami (Arie Antiche)
Scarlatti - Son tutta duolo from CD Se tu m'ami (Cecilia Bartoli)
Scarlatti - Sonata for Harpsichord in C K513
Scarlatti - Sonata in D 3.4 D
Schubert - Am tage aller seelen (Litani)
Schubert - Death and the maiden adagio, The Helsinki Strings
Schubert - Death and the maiden, adagio
Schubert - Deutsche Messe, Zum Sanctus
Schubert - Ganymede Barbara Hendricks singing
Schubert - German Mass
Schubert - Impromptu in A flat
Schubert - Klavierstuke, #1 in E flat, D946
Schubert - Lied Der Mignon, D 877 Barbara Bonnet
Schubert - Lieder, Ganymede, Barbara Hendricks soprano
Schubert - Lieder, Lied Der Mignon, Barbara Hendricks soprano
Schubert - Lieder, Nacht und Traume, Barbara Hendricks soprano
Schubert - Piano Sonata in b flat D960, andante
Schubert - Standchen
Schubert - Ständchen
Schubert - String quartet in D D810 Death and the Maiden andante
Schubert - String Quintet in C, Adagio
Schubert - String quintet in C, allegro
Schubert - Symphony #9 Scherzo
Schubert - Trio mvt in B D471, allegro
Schubert - trout quintent, allegro
Schumann - Humoureske Op20, Imogen Cooper on piano
Schumann - Kinderscenen
Schumann - Piano Concerto #1
Schumann - Piano Concerto in A minor, Adagio
Schumann - Symphony #2 Romance
Schumann - Symphony #4 in D Op120, romance
Schumann - Traumerei from Kinderszenen Op15
Schumman - Langsam for cello and piano from Funf Stucke im Volkston Op102
Schumman - Piano Concerto #1 in A, Allegro
Shore - Return of the king, Into the west OST
Shore - Two Towers, Evenstar OST
Shore - Two Towers, Gollums song OST
Shostakovich - Piano Concerto #1 in C Lento
Shostakovich - Piano Concerto #2, Larghetto
Sibelius - Symphony #2, Allegretto
Sibelius - Symphony #5, Andante
Sibelius - The Swan of Tuonela
Sibelius - Valse triste
Soler - Fandango 3.11
Sousa - Starts and stripes
Stamatis Spanoudakis - Dawn at the walls (crossover)
Strauss - 2001, Blue Danube OST
Strauss - Also Sprach Zarathustra, Einleitung
Strauss - Emperor Waltz
Stravinsky - Rite of Spring, Adoration of the Earth
Stravinsky - Symphony in E (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)
Talbot - Cumulo Nimbus
Tartini - Sonata in G 3.8
Tchaikovsky - Andante Cantabile
Tchaikovsky - Chanson Triste
Tchaikovsky - Dance of the swans
Tchaikovsky - Eugene Onegin, Lensky's Aria
Tchaikovsky - June Barcarolle from the seasons
Tchaikovsky - Nocturne Op19 #4
Tchaikovsky - Overture to Romeo & Juliet
Tchaikovsky - Piano Concerto #1 Allegro
Tchaikovsky - Pique Dame, Yeletsky's aria
Tchaikovsky - Romance In F Minor, Op. 5
Tchaikovsky - Romeo & Juliet Fantasy Overture
Tchaikovsky - Serenade for string orchestra in C andante, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra
Tchaikovsky - Symphony #2, Finale
Tchaikovsky - Symphony #6 Andrew Davis conducted the BBC Symphony Orchestra
Tchaikovsky - The Nutcracker, Dance of the sugar plum fairy
Tchaikovsky - Violin Concerto in D, Andante
Tchaikovsky (Mozart) - Mozartiana Suite, Preghiera Ave Verum
Teleman - Suite in A 5.10
Telemann - Concerto for recorder and flute in E, Largo
The Sixteen - Ave Maris Stella
The Sixteen - Treasures of Tudor England, Parsons Whyte and Tye
The String Quartet - AC/DC, Back In Black
The String Quartet - AC/DC, Hells Bells
The String Quartet - ACDC, Back In Black
The String Quartet - Aerosmith, I Don`t Want To Miss A Thing
The String Quartet - Coldplay, Clocks
The String Quartet - Coldplay, Smile
The String Quartet - Duran Duran, Planet Earth
The String Quartet - Evanescence, My Immortal
The String Quartet - Foo Fighters, Everlong
The String Quartet - Led Zeppelin , Going To California
The String Quartet - Metallica , Enter Sandman
The String Quartet - Metallica , One
The String Quartet - Nirvana , Come As You Are
The String Quartet - Nirvana, Come as you are
The String Quartet - Pearl Jam , Better Man
The String Quartet - Pearl Jam , Jeremy
The String Quartet - Pink Floyd , Another Brick in the Wall
The String Quartet - Pink Floyd , Hey You
The String Quartet - Pink Floyd , Money
The String Quartet - Radiohead , Exit Music
The String Quartet - Radiohead, Street Spirit
The String Quartet - Snow Patrol , Chasing Cars
The String Quartet - Snow Patrol, Chasing Cars
The String Quartet - The Cure, Boys Don't Cry
The String Quartet - Three Doors Down, Here Without You
The String Quartet - U2 , Beautiful Day
The String Quartet - U2 , Sunday Bloody Sunday
The String Quartet - U2 , Where The Streets Have No Name
The String Quartet - U2 , With or Without You
The String Quartet - White Stripes , Seven Nation Army
Thomas Newman - Any other name, American Beauty OST
Thomas Tallis - Benedictus
Thomas Tallis - Spem in alium
Tippet - Fantasia on a theme of Corelli
Trad - Suo Gan (voice, and lovely it is too)
Unknown - Spanish Romance
Vangelis - Blade Runner, Piano in an empty room OST
Vangelis - The Plague, Psalmus Ode Jeremy Budd OST
Vaughan Williams - Six Studies in English Folksong
Vaughan Williams - Te Deum
Vaughan Williams - Theme on Thomas Tallis
Verdi - Il Trovatore, Anvil Chorus
Verdi - La Forza Del Destino, Pace, pace mio dio Leontyn Price
Verdi - La Traviata, Libiamo
Verdi - La Traviata, Prelude (Angela Gheorghiu & Georg Solti)
Verdi - La Traviata, Prendi, quest e l'immagine
Verdi - Requiem, Dies Irae
Verdi - Vedi! Le fosche (anvil chorus from Il trovatore)
Verisma - Mistress of Destiny
Victoria - O vos omnes 3.12 D
Villa Lobos - Bachianas Brasilieras
Villancico - Ay Luna Que Reluzes
Vivaldi - Concerto for 2 violins in A, larghetto
Vivaldi - Concerto for Basson and Strings in G, RV496
Vivaldi - Concerto in D
Vivaldi - Four Seasons Summer Adagio 2.12
Vivaldi - Four Seasons, Spring allegro
Vivaldi - Gloria in excelsis
Vivaldi - Guitar Concerto in D
Vivaldi - Lauda Jerusalem
Vivaldi - Nulla in mundo pax sincera
Vivaldi - Oboe Concerto in C, Larghetto RV447
Vivaldi - Sposa Son Disprezzata Cecilia Bartoli
Vivaldi - Trio for violin lute and basso continuo RV85, andante
Vivaldi - Trio in G R485
Vivladi - Four Seasons III mvt, Autumn
Wagner - Die Walkure, Du bist der lenz
Wagner - Gotterdammerung, Siegfrieds Death & Funeral March
Wagner - Ride of the Valkyries, Gotterdammerung
Wagner - Tannhauser, am herzen wie kein Placido Domingo
Wagner - Tannhauser, Overture
Wagner - Tannhauser, Pilgrims Chrous
Wagner - Tristan und Isolde, Leibestod Jane Eaglen
Wagner - Wesendonck Songs, Der Engel by Anne Evans
Walton - Henry V, Touch her soft lips and part
Walton - Passacaglia; death of Falstaff from Henry V
Wojciech Kilar - The Ninth Gate, Main Theme OST
Wolf - Three poems by Michaelangelo

Listeners Listening Listing aka the L L L
Dave - Torbay
Jessica - Torbay
Athena - Nth Carolina USA (good evening to you Athena)
Laurie - Maine USA

Kristen - Maine USA
Janet - Maine USA
Becky - Maine USA
Hayley - Maine USA (popping in later) lol

Rosie - Portobello
Elaine - London (not Paris this week, I remembered B4 you rang)
Pierre - London
Fabian - Stuttgart (welcome back)

Brian - Ohio USA
Shauna - Ohio USA
John - Gorebridge
Elaine - St Andrews

Thank you to everyone who listened in tonight ...