You can touch it, smell it, taste it so sweet

It's so rockin' it knocks you off your feet, EVERY Friday night that's what we're up to here on Black Diamond FM with THE BEST ROCK SHOW ON RADIO;-)

It was another Humdinger of a metal fest last night with great music from start to finish. I was 'supposed' to be chatting with Lauren Harris about her debut album and new single, BUT due to technical reasons/difficulties we couldn't 'get it on' Oerr;-) So I'll contact them again this week and try and reschedule the interview for you. Don't forget she is playing at The Cathouse in Glasgow this Wednesday 10th December.

I did however chat to me good buddy Bainz over in Colorado Denver, who told me it was just as cold over there as it is here!!

THe first two hours of the show with some great music is on the podcast here:

I'll also be putting on the third hour this week with my interview with Bainz, that'll be up on the podcast page soon.

More info on Bainz and his solo project here:

Featured artist for the evening were agreat female rock band from the eighties Rock Goddess. Go have a listen to 3 crackin' tracks from them.

Here is the playlist:

1. Blacklisted - Mamas Boys
2. Not Fakin' It - Michael Monroe
3. The Man Who Saw The Universe - The New Black
4. Digital Man - Rush (Classic Live Track)
5. Don't Want Your Love - Rock Goddess
6. Time Machine - Black Sabbath
7. Revelations - Judas Priest
8. Sink The Pink - AC/DC
9. Fistful Of Diamonds - WASP
10. Fully Alive - Flyleaf
11. Miracle Man - Ozzy
12. Satisfied Then Crucified - Rock Goddess
13. Dying Just To Live - Masterplan (Classic Rock Ballad)
14. Four Letter Word - Def Leppard
15. Crazy Horses - Overloaded
16. Hold Me Know - Rock Goddess
17. To Live By The Sword - Saxon
18. See Through - Lauren Harris
19. Youth Gone Wild - Skid Row (Big Hitter Track)
20. Big Bad Moon - Joe Satriani
21. The Kids Are Back - Twisted Sister
22. Lord Of The Flies - Iron Maiden
23. Hot For Teacher - Van Halen
24. Lone Wolf - Behind The Mask (Bainz)
Interview with Bainz from Denver Colorado
25. Sparks - Behind The Mask (Bainz)
26. When The Weight Comes Down - Black Stone Cherry
27. Dopamine - Tony Iommi & Glen Hughes
28. Hello Hello - TNT
29. Can't Stand The Pain - Georgia Satellites
30. Epic - Faith No More
31. Doctor Doctor - UFO

Crank it up.......CRANK IT UP I SAY and get rockin with that little lot there!! 3rd hour of the show should be on the podcast by tomorrow with my interview with Bainz.

Same time same place next Friday night if ye wanna rock;-)

Until Then

Keep Rockin'