Mike Marwick

Mike has lived in Edinburgh almost all of his life, and worked in the greater Edinburgh area including Midlothian.

Mike started doing radio in the 60s with a Canadian station in Calgary (recorded in Edinburgh), then hospital radio, then was one of the founders of Q96 in Paisley in 1992 and Programme Controller/Head of Music there for a while.

" I Introduced the Rock & Roll Revival Show, based on a programme with the same title that ran on the pirate station Radio England in the sixties. R&R Saturday reappeared when SAGA launched on FM in Glasgow around 8 years ago, and were wanting a R&R programme. When Smooth took over SAGA, I continued with Smooth Rock & Soul - not dis-similar to how R&R Saturday now sounds. I am a big fan of R&R and music in general - love everything except opera! But 3 minute sound bites of history are to me what it is all about - and that is R&R!"