Edinburgh Falcons v Hull Cycle Speedway Sunday 15th March 2015

At Redbraes Park in Edinburgh on Sunday the visitors were Hull who brought up with them , the best cycle speedway rider of today, Andy Angel.
On a cold afternoon, any supporter who turned up, enjoyed some of the best that the sport had to offer.
It was great to see so many veterans to the sport turning up for the first race of the season for the Edinburgh Falcons
Hull had to go home after being defeated in both the A and B team races.
I will post here, links to the interviews from yesterday.

1. Sam from Hull Cycle Speedway Club https://t.co/I8V7nAMixn
2. Mitch from Hull Cycle Speedway Club https://t.co/ij7UvH8l05
3. Andy Angel from Hull Cycle Speedway Club https://t.co/wcZazg80xq
4. Dominic talks about his success in cycling https://t.co/qL2TB0z8X6