Midlothian Child Safety Competition

Black Diamond FM has teamed up with the Midlothian Community Safety Partnership for a story telling competition.

This provides an opportunity for short stories written by pupils or whole classes to be submitted. The stories can cover any aspect of safety.

The work of individual pupils or a group work will contribute towards the main objectives for Curriculum for Excellence – especially : Confident Individual, Responsible Citizen as well as Effective Contributor.

The stories will be judged by the local Community Safety co-production panel.

The winning stories will be read by a professional story teller on Black Diamond FM and will be downloadable from the Midlothian Council Community Safety website.

Below are some ideas of what the stories could be about, they can be based on real experiences or fictional ones.

We are looking for preventative stories about :
1. Home safety and Fire safety
2. Road safety
3. Railway safety
4. Online safety
5. Personal safety

For further information and inspiration you may like to visit Child Safety Week ( http://www.capt.org.uk/get-involved/child-safety-week ) website. It is part of an annual National Campaign and contains very useful information and ideas.

The deadline for entry is 6th February 2014.

Please e-mail all submissions to [email protected] or
post to Magdalena Clark
Community Safety Team
8 Lothian Road
Fairfield House
EH22 3ZN

To find out more visit http://www.midlothian.gov.uk/press/article/1073/launch_of_community_safe...