Our 'South Californian Correspondent' Visits BDFM

Seven years ago, Joy Boothby a Californian housewife unable to sleep, went downstairs, switched on her computer and after a while decided to search online for Scottish Radio stations. She came upon Midlothian's very own community radio station Black Diamond FM and has listened ever since.
Making connections with a few people from and through BDFM over the years, friendships were formed.
One of those friends Invited Joy to come over to Midlothian as matron of honour for her wedding, and she knew she could not come all this way without making a trip to the station that had connected her to this friend and meeting the people who's voices she had grown to love over the years.
Many of the presenters turned up to meet and greet their long distance fan and took the chance of a few interviews about her trip to Scotland and gave her the BDFM star treatment ending up with Joy sitting in the “BIG” chair.