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They are in the last few days of a great crowdfunding campaign for a new feature film, First and Only, to be filmed in Edinburgh (one of the largest for an independent Scottish film production). They have hit 82% of the £50,000 total and it would be fantastic if you could support the campaign to help them break the target figure.

Click Here https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/first-and-only-film-adaptation to go to the Indiegogo crowd fund page for more information. There is a great preview video that has recently been updated plus a video outlining some of the filming techniques Magnus Wake, the director, is keen to use.

Edinburgh born (and based) film director is taking a new approach to film making in the capital by inviting residents and businesses to feature in the movie. Director Magnus Wake is adapting the best selling thriller novel First and Only and to raise funds towards the film’s £1.6 million budget is inviting the city’s residents to become part of the project by helping crowd fund the movie. In return locals can input on the scripts, early film footage and even have a walk on part. Other rewards allow businesses to have their name featured and fans share their selfie and a 30 character message in the films credits. Some of these perks, including the Selfie credit perk, will make fantastic Christmas presents and Magnus has set up a referral scheme with amazing prizes for the final week of the campaign.

Described as a cross between The Sixth Sense and The Bourne Trilogy, First and Only follows the adventures of Psimon - a young man with exceptional powers who is haunted by the murder of an old friend. The movie follows the hero as he tracks down a serial killer whilst battling with his own inner demons as well as world governments who decide he is too dangerous to be allowed to roam free.

While the novel is set in Manchester Wake chose to relocate the movie to Edinburgh to make the most of the city’s gothic backdrop and to involve city residents who have seen their city portrayed in numerous films but haven’t had an opportunity to be involved in what happens, where it happens and how it looks. Already halfway towards a total of £50,000 the movie has secured James Robinson, the Braveheart star who played Young Wallace in the iconic film.

So get on the case and hopefully we see YOU on the big screen.