When Bazza met Cazza

On Monday 29th April i was joined in the studio by Edinburgh singer/songwriter Caroline Gilmour, well i say Edinburgh she is however "Nitten" (Newtongrange to the un-informed) born.
I had heard of Caroline before through Woosh Entertainments which is run by brothers Keith and Graeme Easton whom i have known for many years due to my previous working time at Meadowbank Sports Centre in Edinburgh.

What was supposed to be about 15-20 minutes of chat and a song turned into over an hour of total fun and laughs on the show and if i had my way it would have lasted for the whole 2 hours of the show.

We chatted about Caroline herself obviously and also her career so far, what influences her and what she has coming up in the future and you can hear it all in the link posted below.

Of all the shows i have done on Black Diamond and indeed in college this one was one of the best due to the great chat and banter with Caroline (although try as i might to get Keith involved he stayed well away from the mic...lol)

Caroline is going on a trip around the world for 6 months and we all wish her a safe and happy trip and she will hopefully pop back in to see us when she gets back.

To find out more about Caroline go to https://www.facebook.com/#!/caroline.gilmour.12?fref=ts

Full show.

What's New Show 29th April 2013 by Basher1969 on Mixcloud