Greenside Venue Festival Launch

The official launch of Greenside Venues saw them celebrating their 10th year at the Fringe.

From their original launch at Royal Terrace, Greenside Venues have kept expanding. Reaching the magic number three with the addition of a new venue at Infirmary Street for 2015. Providing two additional performance spaces plus the Greenside Café and bar complex.  

With more than a 100 shows, this is Greenside Venues biggest ever program. Hosting thousands of individual performances, bringing a truly eclectic mix to this year’s Fringe.   

The launch commenced outside, under the Emerald theatres banner sporting the new Greenside Venues logo. With two music and dance numbers performed on the steps to welcome the crowd.

The fun, family friendly, party atmosphere continued indoors with the launch of the company showcase complete with party hats and cake.

The showcase highlighted the wide variety of performances available at Greenside Venues. With Hedwig strutting around the stage, Arthur going on an adventure and Pete Popalypse looking for his next big act, there was something for everyone.

For more information on what’s on at Greenside Venues check out their website or pay them a visit and see for yourself.