Jakko Jakszyk & Michael Attenborough: The Road To Ballina

Photo by Steve Ullathorne

The Road to Ballina is the true story of celebrated rock musician Jakko Jakszyk’s extraordinary journey to discover his real family. Directed by the esteemed Michael Attenborough, this is moving, sometimes shocking, storytelling that merges music and animation to create unforgettable theatre.

Jakko Jakszyk, guitarist/singer with King Crimson, was born Michael Curran. Adopted by Polish and French parents, he grew up wondering who he was. The Road to Ballina started life over twenty-five years ago as an autobiographical music commission for BBC Radio 3. One of Jakko’s solo projects, it used speech as part of the composition to tell the tale of his complicated family history and his search for his own identity.

We met Jakko and Michael at Teviot to chat about the origins of the show.

The Road to Ballina Runs from 3-28 August 14:00 at the Gilded Balloon. For tickets and more information visit edfringe.com