AAA Stand-Up, Review

The show gives you a flavour of new acts and starts off with charming and confident ’Tom Toal’. Tom seems to be the naughty kid of the class out of the other 2 performers. He talks about chat-up lines and asks many members of the audience what makes them ’whoop’. Some of his jokes fall down and seem unrehearsed, but hes very confident and enjoys interacting with the audience by getting them on stage.

Rhys James keeps the audience hooked and intrigued with his casual but cheeky personality. Rhys may be young but he is definitely a performer to look out for in the future.

The final performer, Joe Wells, lets down the act by his flimsiness of material however continues to keep few of the audience laughing. He even managed to fit a Katie Price joke into his performance.

None of AAA Stand-Up’s acts seem ready to take on their own Fringe show just yet.

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