Abi Roberts - Twerk In Progress, Review

This show was a tremendous amount of fun from start to finish, Abi is a ball of comedy energy from first to last and had a very large audience in laughter all the way.

As I was looking through the list of shows online for the Free Fringe Abi's profile said that this show was a hotly tipped one so I thought I would pop in and I am really glad I did because I was treated to an hour of some of the best comedy I have heard in a long time.

As the title may suggest the Twerk is in progress as this is a new show that relative newcomer Abi has put on for the Fringe and it's a solid, funny piece of work indeed with a bit of Twerking thrown in for good measure luckily I wasn't the one pulled on stage to do some but the young lady that was done so in great sport.

I don't want to spoil the show at all because I could not do justice to how funny this lady actually is suffice to say there is plenty of laughs and one or two cringy moments when certain things get revealed especially an incident on a train and an incident at University.

All in all a fantastically fun show and I'm glad I popped in, but be warned there is some swearing and sexual innuendo used so not for the easily offended.

You can listen to Abi chatting with myself here:

Abi Roberts -Twerk In Progress gets a hugely deserved 5 stars from me.

The show is on in The Speakeasy at The Voodoo Rooms, West Register Street Edinburgh every day (except 11th August) at 4.50pm entry is free

You can find out more about Abi on Twitter: @abiroberts or www.abiroberts.com