Aiden Goatley's 10 films with my dad, Review


I first saw this show last year and wanted to see it again, a very warm, funny show hosted by the brilliant Mr Aiden Goatley (@mraidengoatley) this is a heartwarming show about a boy, his dad and 10 films hence the title and what follows is a show about communication between father and son.

You will laugh, you will awww you may even have a tear in your eye by the end but one thing I would hope is that you come out of this hour long show with a smile on your face. This show is part of the wonderful Free Fringe where acts do their show for free but there is a donation tin at the end of the show a fine idea I must say.

The show is on at 2.30pm in The Ballroom at The Voodoo Rooms, West Register Street in Edinburgh and is well worth an hour of your day.

A huge well deserved 5 stars to this show.

Find Aiden at

Twitter: @mraidengoatley