Balletronic, Review


Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33)| Aug 7-­31| 21:30| £10.00-£16.50

Balletronic aims to create a fusion between ballet, contemporary dance, electronic music and a live orchestra. However, in this instance the ensuing performance is not the sum of its parts. Whilst each section is technically proficient and the show based on a promising concept. When brought together the musicians and dancers vie for your attention. Delivering a performance that does not reach its full potential.

With no distinguishable narrative the audience are left questioning the significance of the white violin, the woman in purple and the man in black. Is this a based on a dream, reality? With ever changing locations that bear no connection to previous scenes, combined with seemingly random cast parings. The audience are left confused and questioning what is going on. With several members of the audience leaving before the shows conclusion.  

This lack of narrative could have been counterbalanced by the choreography. However, although portraying a few beautiful classic ballet steps, the piece as a whole falls short. With a lacklustre performance bereft of any show stopping features that on occasion jars with the modern music.

The redeeming element of this performance is the soundtrack. Provided by the live orchestra and band. With a vibrant violin solo and some powerful vocal numbers. Helping to bring some of the dance routines on stage to life.

Balletronic, Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33) between the 6th-31st August Not 24th at 21:30 Find out more and get tickets here.