BARBU, Review


Underbelly, Circus Hub (Venue 360)| Aug 7-­29| 21:50| £16.50-£17.50 

Cirque Alfonse presents an exuberant and eccentric performance. Mixing three things you never thought you would see together. Incredible circus skills, pole dancing and amazing beards. Blending traditional circus acts with comic humour, craziness and amazing multimedia to create something truly unique.

With acts that defying gravity and push the limits of the human body, displaying a large amount of strength, skill and trust. The artists can be excused for the odd performance hiccup.

Backed by an electro-trad band, complete with DJing circus ringmaster. This frenetic circus performance is enhanced with an amazing live soundtrack. Bringing a rousing atmosphere of revelry and raucousness to the production.

With a theatrical performance that definitely does not leave the audience feeling left out. Be prepared to get up close and personal with some of the acts. Pushing the boundaries in this humorous adult orientated performance.

BARBU Electro Trad Cabaret, Underbelly, Circus Hub (Venue 360) between the 7th-29th August not 18th At 21:50 Contains Nudity Find out more and get tickets here.