Ben Hart - The Vanishing Boy, Review

Ben Hart

Rating: ★★★★
15-24th August @ The Underbelly, Cowgate at 16:40pm |

Ben Hart returns to the Fringe Festival, following huge success in 2013, with his new show The Vanishing Boy.

He tells a spooky tale about a Vanishing Boy and famous magician, Germain the Wizard. This allows him to work around his gripping story and throw in a mixture of stunning illusions and quick, charming gags.

Hart’s incredible talent, friendly personality and mysterious routine ensure us that he’s always got another trick lined up his sleeve. His confidence when performing on stage adds to the extraordinary performance which the clever young man puts on.

The master of tricks will have you puzzled and discussing it all night. From remarkable shrinking playing cards, to familiar tricks involving rope and newspapers. He even turns water in to snow. Unbelievable!

From start to finish, everything is well handled as he continues to make each trick look practically impossible. The tension in the room from when he first walks on stage advances and has you on the edge of your seat.