Benny Boot - Greatest Hits Volume 2, Review

Benny Boot

Rating: ★
12-25th August @ The Underbelly, Bristol Square at 17:25pm |

Benny Boot brings his confusing and unfortunately boring stand-up show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

As the audience gathers in their seats, he’s hidden behind the stage curtain, ranting on about unusual things that spring to mind.

His show starts on an all time low, in fact throughout the entire performance too. It’s quite possible I caught his show on a bad day (it was raining in the capital).

Most of Benny’s gags end up going absolutely nowhere. The audience, who are crammed into the smallest Underbelly room, are un-amused as to where the performance is heading.

His bizarre strategy is pulling out strips of paper out of an empty egg box, listing each of his gags. It’s unprepared and feels like he’s testing his material for another festival. Bonkers! Even the atmosphere and energy in the room is very little by the end.

It concluded early after Benny ‘ran out of jokes’. However, I’m still left wondering if that was really it? Maybe there was another gag we missed out on after the lights went on? Nobody knows.