BLAM!, Review


The Pleasance Courtyard ​ | Aug 5-31 | 17:55 | £ 16.50 / 10.50
I missed BLAM! when it came to Edinburgh in 2013, so when I heard it was back in town I had to go along. 
Set amongst the boring grey office cubicles that we all know and err… BLAM! transforms this space and its contents into the world of action movies. 
It opens with our four office workers arriving ready for a mundane day in the workplace. What follows is anything other than that as our white collar colleagues let their imaginations run wild creating ever more adventurous set pieces until a spectacular climax.
Each scene is incredibly choreographed featuring amazing fight sequences and even some high wire work at one point.
Everything from the set design, lighting, sfx to the fast paced action score is exemplary but would be nothing without it’s cast. The four actors (Eos Karlsson, Joen Højerslev, Janus Elsig, Anders Skat on the night I attended) threw themselves (literally) into the show devoting every ounce of energy they had into the 60 minutes.
If you think physical theatre is not for you then I dare you to see BLAM! and not come out with a massive smile on your face.
BLAM! is on at The Pleasance Courtyard from the 5th to the 31st of August. For information and tickets visit