Born to Rottenrow Ian Bruce and Ian Walker, Review

Venue 123 Friday 8th August, Acoustic Music Centre, St Brides Centre, Edinburgh.

Bruce and Walker have been around a long time in the Scottish Folk business and are well known as extremely talented solo singer/songwriters. They have been great friends for many years and have collaborated on several music projects. They decided a couple of years ago that it was time to try seriously working together and they sat down and penned some new songs. The result was the wonderful cd "Born to Rottenrow" their first joint recording project. The cd was released earlier this year and the two Ian's have joined up for a number of gigs, as a way of promoting the album.

This gig was a wonderful performance and demonstrated their skills at judging their audience. They interspersed the new songs with some of their older well known stuff and encouraged participation in the singing. Standards such as "Hawks and Eagles" and "Some Hae Meat" both written by Ian Walker were well received with enthusiastic applause. They carried the audience through with a lovely easy style effortlessly delivered. I am happy to award the two Ians’ four diamonds for this show.

The entire gig has been recorded and will be played in the near future on Down the Byeways.

The Acoustic Music Centre is a wonderful venue for even the casual visitor with an excellent bar and cafe.