In Cahoots, Review

In Cahoots

Rating: ★★★★★
17-25th August @ The Laughing Horse, Meadows Bar at 12:00pm | FREE FRINGE!

Stars of In Cahoots, Paul G Raymond and Luke Manning, put on an incredibly funny sketch show which will ensure you laugh out loud!

This talented comedy duo take to the stage with a jam packed gathering, full of fringe-goers awaiting to see what they are all about.

Greeting and revving the audience with their cheerful vibes, makes you want to hop on stage with them and join in on the thrilling banter. The pair are immensely likeable by instantly connecting and engaging with the audience throughout the endlessly entertaining hour.

The friendship between Paul and Luke adds to the exciting performance as they quickly transform into different characters, hilarious accents and dramatic expressions, including fast, witty improv. You can instantly see they both love performing at the Fringe Festival!

In Cahoots may be part of the Free Fringe Festival, but their respectful work and quality scripts feels like the guys should be doing this full time. Pay close attention to this superb duo as they are certainly ones to watch out for!

I’d love to see In Cahoots returning next year for the Fringe Festival, levelling up to a paid performance at a bigger venue. Their tactical plans when promoting the show definitely works, as there is a huge demand for seats inside the venue, so quickly grab one!

With the amount of effort and work spent entertaining the crowds, they genuinely deserve to be on stage.

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