Camille O'Sullivan: Brel, Review


The Queens Hall | Aug 12-­16| 22:30| £17.50 

An outstanding spellbinding vocal performance. Transporting you to the streets and night clubs of France. Conjuring magical images inside your head, bringing the music of Jacques Brel to life.

Camille O’Sullivan returns to the Fringe with another mesmerising recital. Emotional and moving, each song with a strong narrative. From the sailors in a murky port to the circus and a spinning carrousel. Camille brilliantly portrays a range of characters and emotions through captivating songs and melody’s. Making each her own, with her voice skilfully alternating from impassioned cry to spine-tingling whisper. Changing in a single song from a raucous back-street nightclub singer, to a candid lover.

With a hauntingly beautiful rendition of Brel’s Song for Old lovers Camille draws you deep into her musical world. Expertly accompanied by her band the concert ends all too soon leaving you wishing for more.

Camille O'Sullivan – Brel performing at The Queens Hall between the 12th-16th August at 22:30 Find out more and get tickets here.