Caroline Rhea, Review

First off on this review I must say I may have fallen a little in love :-) (don't tell my wife)

If you are going to hand out After Eights (there are other chocolate products available ;-) ) then you have already gained my utter attention.

Caroline Rhea is a wonderfully funny lady and her show is a laugh right from the word go.

An hour of comedy with topics ranging from her time in Sabrina the teenage witch through to trying dresses on in a certain store in Princes Street the laughs come thick and fast.

Caroline mentions the show Sabrina a few times (Caroline played Aunt Hilda if you did not know) and does so with great fun, other things mentioned include meeting Bill Clinton, an encounter in Edinburgh with a young man who was throwing up and a few other subjects not to be repeated by this reviewer on this website suffice to say there was a more adult theme during parts of the show and they were very funny indeed. It was while I was sitting watching the show I remembered that Caroline was in one of my favourite movies Man in the Moon (the film about comedian Andy Kaufman)

An hour in the company of Caroline Rhea is not enough and I left wanting more, her interaction with the audience is wonderful and is superb to see, I have seen some comedians (thankfully not during this festival) who have no interaction at all and indeed make it as though you should be privileged to be there, Caroline Rhea has a personality that you can't not warm to and she makes you feel like she is just speaking to you even though there are others there.

After the show I was lucky enough to meet Caroline and had my picture taken with her and that really made my day, and on conversing with Caroline I found a very warm charming lady happy to chat to me however I kicked myself because I forgot to ask her about Man in the Moon. I would have loved to have asked her if she was free to come onto one of my shows but felt that may be a bit pushy...... or weird.

(One other moment from tonight was meeting Nicolas Parsons O.B.E who had popped in to see Caroline and my question is this... Why is he not SIR Nicholas Parsons after all he has done much much more than a lot of those who have been given Knighthoods)

All in all a really enjoyable show and I really hope Caroline comes back to Scotland with a tour because I will be there in a hurry.

I give Caroline Rhea a Massive 5 ***** Stars (well 6 out of 5 stars)..... ;-) Brilliant