Chris Dugdale: More Magic and Mischief, Review

Chris Dugdale

Rating: ★★★
13-17th & 19-25th August @ Assembly George Square @ 18:50pm |

Chris Dugdale takes to the Assembly stage to prepare you for his clever, stunning card tricks and illusions.

Dugdale comes across with a disguised personality. He’s a talented magician but produces a strangely relaxed atmosphere. There’s little tension throughout his performance, which is something he definitely needs to build upon, however he does leave you surprisingly speechless.

One of his mind-blowing illusions heavily involves each member of the audience, as he decides on who will qualify for his master trick.

This isn’t your standard bunny out of the hat magic show. His illusions are unlike other performances at the festival. He’s a suspicious character, with always something to hide. The audience are constantly watchful at what’s next, although he always succeeds at beating us with an unpredictable trick.