Chris Martin - Responsibilliness, Review

Chris Martin

Rating: ★★★★
8th & 10-24th August @ The Pleasance Courtyard at 20:30pm |

Chris Martin takes over the Pleasance stage and raises the roof with a load of laughs and cheers.

The immensely funny man entertains an hour of extremely hilarious gags and life stories. He’s immediately the likeable guy as he talks us through living in his parent’s garden shed, to embarrassing fast-food restaurant addictions. He also shares his loveable awkward experiences which many of us can surprisingly (and embarrassingly) relate to.

It’s an hour of absolute entertainment and comedy banter, which see’s the stand-up genius champ the audiences heckles like Tony Soprano is to the mafia.

Chris has definitely got talent and deserves to be on a much bigger stage than his ship wreck container. Although this doesn’t stop us laughing out loud and glued to watching the talented man.