Chris Martin - This Show Has A Soundtrack, Review


Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters (Venue 272) | Aug 7-30| 20:45 | £ FREE

No stranger to the Edinburgh Fringe Chris Martin is back! and this year he’s brought a composer.
As Chris starts the show he proclaims “if movies can have a soundtrack why not stand up” and he’s not wrong. This experiment pays off with the soundtrack adding a faster pace to Chris’s set, the music was live mixed to the different sections of the story changing tempo and style in the same way it would in a movie or tv show; when the school bully gets mentioned there's a sinister drone in the background, when joking around about life in a shed there’s a more jovial tone.
Don’t be mistaken without the soundtrack Chris’s show would still be fantastically witty and fun with plenty laughs around his engagement and fear of mice along with some great surprises I won't give away. 
Chris Martin is performing at the Three Sisters, Maggie's Chamber between 7th -30th August at 20:45 no need for a ticket as entry is FREE! (But well worth a donation at the end)