The Curse of Elizabeth Faulkner, Review

As a reviewer you get invites to go and see shows as well as arranging your own access and you get quite a lot of them.

One invite I accepted was sent to me by a gentleman called Simon Paris from a production called The Curse of Elizabeth Faulkner and a few words caught my eye "It is described as a horror-comedy-farce and is currently at 'The Fancy Room', Just The Tonic - The Caves for the Edinburgh Festival." horror-comedy-farce I was already curious.

So far during this Fringe I have seen a number of shows and every single one has so far been superb....... and what I found with this show is that it is one of those gems of a show you can find at this time of year a show so good you are really disappointed when it comes to an end.

Set in Edwardian England The show centres around an undertaker, his assistant, an Edwardian man and a Peruvian (yep a Peruvian....brilliant twist) and takes us through the story of how the curse came about and what happened to members of both men's families when they reached 33 years of age.

The show is done in such a way that it is totally enjoyable from beginning to end there were some very wonderful laugh out loud moments and also moments of horror as promised but not jump out your seat horror.

The cast played their individual parts very very well and even though some of the cast played an array of characters and needed a few costume changes it was done so slickly you would have thought there was more than just four people in the show.

Sound effects and lighting were used to brilliant effect and matched every time they were used.

When the show finished I managed to meet the cast and crew of the show and was glad to tell them I really enjoyed the show and I hoped that they go on tour with such a great production.

The show was written by Tim Downie (from Cricklewood Greats, Peep Show, This is Jinsy and The King's Speech)

The cast also deserve to be namechecked here Neil Henry (who I said reminded me of the brilliant Rik Mayall at times), Anil Desai, Harriate Sym and Josh Haberfield because thwey performed wonderfully well.

All in all a complete cracker of a show that deserves a sell out audience everytime.

Runs until 25th August
Just the Tonic 'The Fancy Room' @ The Caves

A well deserved 5 ***** huge stars from me this is a must see show.