David Morgan - Pretty, Review

David Morgan

Rating: ★★★★
10-25th August @ The Underbelly, Bristol Square at 19:00pm |

After searching for the Underbelly Venue, for what felt like hours, I finally located it! Hidden around the corner from Bristol Square, David Morgan awaits your arrival!

Greeting the audience as they packed the compact room (“Daisy in August”) and allocated their seats, we got ready for an extremely funny show from a major player in the future.

David Morgan’s show is personal, clever and presented to the audience with his own style. He discusses photo-faces and relationships, in particular those of the pretty members in the audience. His excitingly crazy experiences, which we've all shared, makes you feel like he’s sharing them with a friend. He’s confident, cheeky and likes to get to know his audience by asking them the most unexpected questions.

His engaging conversations continue with an action packed, clever and witty show, with thrilling stories and jokes which will keep you laughing all night. A fair amount of his content is based on relationships and dating, attractiveness, his sexuality and a haunting night out at Hive, which you will disgustingly never forget.

He’s hugely likeable, talented and ensures you have a smile on your face. Surprisingly, he even knows a thing or two about Photoshop – look closely at his banners scattered across the bursting, packed town for examples!