EIFF 2017: The Farthest, Review

A few years ago I visited the Usher Hall to see Holst’s Planets Suite presented by the Chicago Philharmonic. Behind the orchestra were projected images taken by the two Voyager Spacecraft and since then I've been fascinated by these machines launched in the 70’s that have managed to become the two man made objects the furthest from our little blue dot. 
‘The Farthest’ a documentary by Emer Reynolds focuses on the creation of and the discoveries made by the two probes.
For fans of space exploration like me you'll be fascinated by some of the insight given by the team members at NASA who managed the operation of the Voyager programme and its mission to send back some of the first proper imagery and readings from  Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and their moons. 
The documentary does have its flaws, focusing too much on the gold disc attached to the probes and using that time to skip over more interesting content about the initial stages of the design and later work.
Overall (it's a bit obvious to say) if you are at all interested in space exploration or the Voyager programme then this film will give you a insiders look and a perspective you've not heard before from the people who worked closest. If you you have only a vague interest you will find it too long. 
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